Why Uterine Fibroids Are the Most Commonly Overlooked Tumors in Women

Dr Lee Featured in Goop In a recent appointment, gynecologist Bruce Lee, MD, saw a woman who looked eight months pregnant. She wasn’t. But the benign tumors in her uterus had grown so large that it looked as if she might be. She was seeing Lee that day to get those tumors, called uterine fibroids, treated for the first time. The reason this patient had waited so long to get help, says Lee, is because the standard treatment for fibroids is a hysterectomy: a full removal of the uterus from the body. The patient didn’t want a hysterectomy, so she

Watch Erin and Her Journey To Remove 13 Fibroids From Her Uterus

Dr. Bruce Lee will be featured in a revealing docuseries on the popular, Clevver Style’s YouTube channel. The docuseries consists of 5 episodes revealing the emotional and tumultuous journey of Clevver variety host, Erin Robinson. The victim of severe pain, abdominal distension, and urinary frequency, Erin discovers in a hospital emergency room that she has uterine tumors called fibroids. The series portrays Erin’s struggle to face that she is “broken” and her quest to find the best treatment option. She finally finds Dr. Bruce Lee and in the process, discovers the social, medical, and economic issues surrounding this “game changing”

Dr. Lee To Speak on Fibroid Treatments in Newport Beach

Dr. Bruce Lee will be speaking at an event discussing the latest breakthroughs on fibroid treatments on January 27 in Newport Beach. Location: The Fibroid Treatment Center 4501 Birch St. Newport Beach, CA 92660 To find out more information on the event, visit the official event page. Interested in attending the event? Register here

Dr. Lee: Breast Cancer On The Rise

Dr. Bruce Lee, talks about the expected increase in breast cancer in the next 15 years. Listen in as he discusses these studies and who is actually at the most risk. KUSI News – San Diego, CA

Dr. Bruce Lee featured on The Doctor’s TV show

Dr. Bruce Lee and a patient who underwent Acessa for fibroids featured nationally on upcoming The Doctor’s TV show. The Doctors will include a live surgery of Dr. Lee performing the Acessa Procedure as well as an interview with Dr. Lee and other GYN‬ specialists who are very enthusiastic about this new option for women in removing Fibroids and sparing the uterus. The show will also include an interview with a patient who recently had the procedure.