The Acessa Procedure is Revolutionary for Women

The Acessa Procedure is revolutionary for women. Acessa is an option that is now available, possibly allowing a woman to avoid a hysterectomy. I had the Acessa procedure 10 days ago with Dr. Bruce Lee. I am feeling amazing! Right after the laparoscopic surgery, I immediately noticed a change in urinary issues I had been experiencing. I am hopeful that my frequent urinary track infections will be resolved. I also noticed that a continuous pressure, tightness and fullness above my pelvic bone was gone. I felt unexpected relief with a certain type of lower back pain I have had for

Wholeheartedly Recommend Dr. Lee and the Acessa procedure

I am beyond grateful to have found such an amazing doctor and procedure for the treatment of my uterine fibroids. The experience has been a great and truly liberating one for me. Initially, not knowing anything about the Acessa procedure I had many questions and concerns, which were quickly remedied after meeting Dr. Lee. He is an incredibly dedicated, knowledgeable and through doctor, with a warm and comforting bedside manner (truly a wonderful man). Any initial hesitations subsided and paled in comparison to my concerns about having a hysterectomy; as this was the recommended treatment option offered by my initial

Dr. Bruce Lee featured on The Doctor’s TV show

Dr. Bruce Lee and a patient who underwent Acessa for fibroids featured nationally on upcoming The Doctor’s TV show. The Doctors will include a live surgery of Dr. Lee performing the Acessa Procedure as well as an interview with Dr. Lee and other GYN‬ specialists who are very enthusiastic about this new option for women in removing Fibroids and sparing the uterus. The show will also include an interview with a patient who recently had the procedure.