There is another option. There is hope. There is Acessa!

I was diagnosed with uterine fibroids over 12 years ago. Wanting to preserve my ability to have children, my only option at that time was a myomectomy. The doctor explained that this was a temporary fix and that the fibroids would most likely grow back, but I had no idea how true this would be for me. I underwent the myomectomy, which was a very invasive surgery that landed me in the hospital for almost a week. The pain was indescribable and my recovery took several months. Almost immediately, fibroids began to appear again. Over the course of the next

The Acessa Procedure is Revolutionary for Women

The Acessa Procedure is revolutionary for women. Acessa is an option that is now available, possibly allowing a woman to avoid a hysterectomy. I had the Acessa procedure 10 days ago with Dr. Bruce Lee. I am feeling amazing! Right after the laparoscopic surgery, I immediately noticed a change in urinary issues I had been experiencing. I am hopeful that my frequent urinary track infections will be resolved. I also noticed that a continuous pressure, tightness and fullness above my pelvic bone was gone. I felt unexpected relief with a certain type of lower back pain I have had for

Wholeheartedly Recommend Dr. Lee and the Acessa procedure

I am beyond grateful to have found such an amazing doctor and procedure for the treatment of my uterine fibroids. The experience has been a great and truly liberating one for me. Initially, not knowing anything about the Acessa procedure I had many questions and concerns, which were quickly remedied after meeting Dr. Lee. He is an incredibly dedicated, knowledgeable and through doctor, with a warm and comforting bedside manner (truly a wonderful man). Any initial hesitations subsided and paled in comparison to my concerns about having a hysterectomy; as this was the recommended treatment option offered by my initial

Dr. Lee: Breast Cancer On The Rise

Dr. Bruce Lee, talks about the expected increase in breast cancer in the next 15 years. Listen in as he discusses these studies and who is actually at the most risk. KUSI News – San Diego, CA