A Targeted Solution for fibroids

The Acessa procedure utilizes a technology called radiofrequency ablation, and treats each fibroid by applying energy through a small needle array. The surrounding normal uterine tissue is not damaged or otherwise affected. Over time, the treated fibroid tissue shrinks and may become completely reabsorbed by the body.

Dr. bruce lee’s treatment for fibroids


1 Heavy Menstrual Pain & Bleeding

Heavy bleeding and/or more severe cramps during normal menstruation

2 Urinary Frequency & Retention

Having the urge to void often and being unable to effectively empty the bladder

Fibroid symptoms treatment options

3 Abdominal Enlargement

An enlargement or distension of the stomach that can cause back and abdominal pain

Dr. Lee Inventor of Acessa, teaches doctors from all over the world

Dr. Lee, Inventor of Acessa, Teaches Doctors From All Over the World


DR. BRUCE LEE FEATURED  ON “California Live”

This engaging lifestyle show, airing weekday mornings on NBC in Los Angeles, San Diego, and the Bay Area, brings you the crème de la crème of California’s cuisine, hotels, and activities, with a spotlight on hidden gems like Dr. Lee.

In this must-watch segment, Dr. Bruce Lee, the ingenious mind behind the revolutionary Acessa Fibroid Procedure, will share his expertise on the signs and symptoms of fibroids, as well as the latest and most effective treatment options. Recognized as one of the leading experts in the state, Dr. Lee’s insights are sure to be invaluable.

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Dr. Bruce Lee Sets Sail to Catalina  on Heather Dubrow’s World

Heather welcomes The Doctor’s Dr Bruce Lee OB-GYN and his work treating uterine fibroids with his  revolutionary new strategy.

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