• Avoiding a Hysterectomy From Prolapse

    Being told only a hysterectomy would resolve prolapse and the horrible bloating and pain of 7 fibroids plus I needed an added bladder revision procedure for my extreme urinary incontinence, just didn’t seem logical to me. I’m in menopause and my biopsy was negative for cancer or precancer.  My gut told me to do some… Read More »

  • If You Have Fibroids, Please Read My Story

    Dr Bruce Lee is a true advocate for women’s wellbeing– a deeply compassionate protector of your wishes for your body. If you have a fibroid, or many of them, please, PLEASE do yourself a huge favor and reach out to this incredible doctor! If you have fibroids, please read my story – Dr Lee saved… Read More »

  • Best In The World For Acessa

    I realize how extremely fortunate I was to have found Dr Lee and to have had the Acessa surgery done by him. After consulting with literally 8 speciaists and multiple regular doctors providence led me to Dr. Lee. He is deserving of every accolade. Dr Lee is an excellent doctor and expert surgeon I trust… Read More »

  • 10 years with Heavy Menstrual Bleeding

    This review is long overdue. I have lived for the last 10 years with heavy menstrual bleeding, painful cramping and it’s pretty much been a burden on my life. About two years ago I had uncontrollable menstrual bleeding that wouldn’t stop. I went to an OB and was told that I had fibroids and they… Read More »

  • Acessa Last Week, Back At Work This Week

    Dr. Bruce Lee and his staff are amazing. They treat you like you are family. Dr. Lee spent hours with my husband and I before the surgery explaining the procedure from A-Z.  Thank God I found him! I had the surgery last week and today I am at work.  My incisions are already healing and extremely small!… Read More »

  • Extreme Pain from Fibroids

    I was having irregular periods and extreme pain during menstruation. I just assumed that it was due to the side effects of coming off birth control however this WAS NOT THE CASE!!! I had been going to normal OB/GYN they told me everything is fine for years. I did blood work and an ultrasound they… Read More »

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