15 Fibroids, Treated with Acessa

Dr Lee performed the Acessa procedure to treat my 15+ fibroids, clean up my endometriosis & scar tissue and it was a huge success. My stomach was swollen (5 months pregnant), I was bleeding heavily non-stop and told I had to have a hysterectomy or live with it! Not able to take time away from my small business I opted for Acessa – not covered by my insurance – it was a lot to cover myself but worth every penny. I tell people I had “plastic surgery” on my uterus. My stomach is now flat, my uterus is back in place to the size and shape it should be. This is the future of fibroid treatment and needs to be recognized and supported by insurance companies to save women from the alternative of living with fibroids or having unnecessary hysterectomies.
Thank you Dr Lee.

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