The Acessa Procedure is Revolutionary for Women

testimonial for dr bruce lee

The Acessa Procedure is revolutionary for women.

Acessa is an option that is now available, possibly allowing a woman to avoid a hysterectomy. I had the Acessa procedure 10 days ago with Dr. Bruce Lee. I am feeling amazing! Right after the laparoscopic surgery, I immediately noticed a change in urinary issues I had been experiencing.

I am hopeful that my frequent urinary track infections will be resolved. I also noticed that a continuous pressure, tightness and fullness above my pelvic bone was gone. I felt unexpected relief with a certain type of lower back pain I have had for many years. This was within 24 hours of the surgery.

It seems that my uterus was equivalent to 15 weeks of pregnancy along with 15 fibroids. My quality of life has changed already. Dr. Lee is an exceptionally compassionate and skillful doctor. Dr. Lee spent time to go over all the details of the Acessa, specifically as the procedure applied to my personal situation.

From start to the finish, Dr. Lee has been 110% there for myself and husband. Surprisingly, the availability of the Acessa procedure as an option for woman’s fibroids appears to not be widely known about. This is why I am sharing my own Acessa story with everyone, to help spread the information about this revolutionary Acessa procedure.

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