Avoiding a Hysterectomy From Prolapse

Being told only a hysterectomy would resolve prolapse and the horrible bloating and pain of 7 fibroids plus I needed an added bladder revision procedure for my extreme urinary incontinence, just didn’t seem logical to me. I’m in menopause and my biopsy was negative for cancer or precancer.  My gut told me to do some research.  I read about Acessa and had a consultation with the inventor, Dr. Lee.  It was the best decision. 

Dr. Lee is attentive, thorough and never rushed.  He answered all questions and clearly wanted me to fully understand the procedure and the end result.  He himself does the ultrasound. I was told by my Gyno that I had 7 fibroids. Dr. Lee found 15 and expected there might be a few more.  I had 18 total removed. 

During the ultrasound, he discovered that my incontinence was due to a very large fibroid pressing against my bladder which would resolve with the removal of the fibroid, and I didn’t have uterine prolapse it was the weight fibroids creating the feeling. He could see no reason for uterine removal. Dr. Lee assembled a top-notch office and surgical team.  They went out of their way to make me feel a part of the entire process.  The surgery and recovery was so easy.  I am 6 months post op and all my symptoms are resolved with my uterus intact.  I have 1 very small incision mark that is hardly noticeable.  I wish I had done this years ago.  

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