Best In The World For Acessa

I realize how extremely fortunate I was to have found Dr Lee and to have had the Acessa surgery done by him.

After consulting with literally 8 speciaists and multiple regular doctors providence led me to Dr. Lee. He is deserving of every accolade. Dr Lee is an excellent doctor and expert surgeon I trust completely. I also found him to be kind, considerate, honest and trustworthy.

I knew I was in the best hands in his care and the care of his medical team. Not only is he the inventor of Acessa, but I I recognize he is the best in the world for this specific treatment with the most expertise and experience. He is committed to assuring successful outcomes of his patients. He is articulate and went after every fibroid including those that were only 2mm in size. He treated 17 fibroids in multiple layers of the uterus.

Many of you who have symptomatic fibroids understand the long, hard and frustrating journey finding desirable solutions are. Before Acessa I was told by several specialists that my only good option was a hysterectomy. I sought multiple additional opinions.

Other specialists said myomectomy was possible, but that I was high risk for blood loss due to the multiple locations of the fibroids. Two of them said they would just take the largest ones and leave behind the one that may cause too much scar tissue if I desired to preserve fertility.

UFE was questionable because it would mean blocking off too many arteries (as I had multiple fibroids) and risked uterine failure.

Fibroids impacted my life significantly. I prayed hard and searched for a very long time for an option that would allow me to keep my uterus, had minimal risk for developing additional problems with scar tissue and an option that wouldn’t impact my fertility negatively. No good solution existed for me until Acessa.

I flew to Los Angeles to get this procedure. It has only been 3 weeks since having had the Acessa surgery and was told to give it a couple of months to start seeing the results but I already feel significant improvement. For me THAT improvement is HUGE and I know that it is just the beginning. I am so grateful to Dr. Lee. I recommend him to anyone and everyone. I believe Acessa will become the preferred surgical option for the treatment of fibroids in the near future. I would love for other women to have that opportunity like I had. It is liberating. Thank you Dr. Lee.

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