Extreme Pain from Fibroids

I was having irregular periods and extreme pain during menstruation. I just assumed that it was due to the side effects of coming off birth control however this WAS NOT THE CASE!!! I had been going to normal OB/GYN they told me everything is fine for years. I did blood work and an ultrasound they discovered I had fibroids. The fibroids caused so much pain I had no energy. I would wake up in the morning and barely take my shower before I would have to lay back down in my bed exhausted and in excruciating abdominal cramping pain. After speaking with several different specialist whom informed me that I would either have to take a shot that cost $1000 every month or get a hysterectomy, I found Dr Lee.

After I had the surgery it was a night and day difference. I got my energy back my periods were little to no pain barely any blood. I couldn’t believe that I have been going through all these years literally bleeding to death and going through so much pain. Dr. Lee had informed me that not only did I have fibroids in my uterus I had over five years of endometriosis build up in my uterus. I don’t understand why the OB/GYN couldn’t figure that out five years ago. All this time I thought the pain during my menstruation and the excessive bleeding were normal and it wasn’t. Dr. Lee’s surgery has made a huge difference in my life and I would recommend it to anyone that may have this condition.

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