Grapefruit Size Fibroids

Dr Bruce Lee is a miracle doctor! Thank God I found him!
I got diagnosed with fibroids in Vegas and i was very lost and very scare I had a huge tummy and I’m only 112 lbs!

I had no ideas what’s fibroids were and how to even treat them my fibroids was grapefruit size. I was exhausted depress in pain lost lot of blood. I was in major pain! I got fortunate enough to to find DR LEE ON THE DOCTORS TV SHOW.

I contacted Dr Lee office they gave me consultation the same day. I feel relieved I can talk to someone who knew what they are going surgery can be scary if not done right! I set up surgery with 2 weeks .

He is a master in fibroids. I did the Acessa procedure. What he created is genius! Dr. Lee is a genius.

As soon as I woke up from surgery I had no pain at all!
I was back to life no pain happy and my tummy lost 4 inch immediately 

I was driving and walking within 24 hours and I had lot of energy. The fibroids got destroyed .

Dr Lee is a miracle doctor not only he save my life he also save my career!

I have literally no scar after 1 week of surgery! Minimum scaring very small incision no pain!
I’m back on track 5 days after surgery I feel wonderful and I’m so happy I did this procedure. I will advise any woman to go for it!
It’s safe and more important no scaring or pain after surgery! My tummy is back to being flat and beautiful.

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