I cannot begin to express my gratitude to Dr. Bruce Lee

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I cannot begin to express my gratitude to Dr. Bruce Lee for developing Acessa. Four years ago I had a fibroid greater than 9cm in size and it was making my life miserable. I experienced prolonged and excessive bleeding every time I had my period, anemia (as a result of the out of control bleeding), constipation and diarrhea (due to the pressure the fibroid was putting on my intestinal tract), and a constant urge to pee (because my bladder was being squeezed & smashed).

In short, I was one miserable person.

My doctor told me I needed a hysterectomy, but I really did not want to undergo such a drastic procedure if there was a good alternative. After reading everything I could find about how to treat fibroids I decided on Dr. Lee’s procedure. Luckily I was a good candidate. I had the Acessa operation in 2015. Within one month of the operation my period returned to a more normal pattern, my abdomen softened and felt more normal, and the pressure on my bladder and intestines was greatly relieved.

It took about a year for my body to go completely back to how it had been prior to the fibroid. And now I feel so well that it is easy to forget how I felt when the fibroid was out of control.

I now enjoy doing all of the activities which had been curtailed before. The scars from the procedure are so minimal that they are difficult to find. I highly recommend the Acessa procedure if you are a good candidate. And I would like to send a big shoutout of thanks to Dr. Lee!

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