If You Have Fibroids, Please Read My Story

Dr Bruce Lee is a true advocate for women’s wellbeing– a deeply compassionate protector of your wishes for your body. If you have a fibroid, or many of them, please, PLEASE do yourself a huge favor and reach out to this incredible doctor!

If you have fibroids, please read my story – Dr Lee saved my uterus, relieved all my pain, and helped me get pregnant after 7 years of trying.

Finding the ACESSA procedure and Dr Lee changed my life so profoundly. My husband and I had been trying to get pregnant for 5 years, with no pregnancies and no answers from any R.E.s, OBGYNs, acupuncturists, naturopaths, herbalists (east or west), intuitives, or midwives. I had so much doubt in my body’s ability to get pregnant, so much judgement of myself for needing medical help, and had completely lost faith that a biological baby would happen for us (I am a birth doula, organic farmer and big believer in patient-centered care systems like homebirth, functional medicine, etc. so it took a long time to unpack my judgement of my body’s inability to do this naturally, and just get on with IVF) 

We finally decided to take the IVF step and at our initial ultrasound, this crappy, grouchy R.E. found a 2 cm submucosal/IM fibroid “right where an embryo would want to implant”. He told me my only safe option was open or robotic myomectomy, with a 6 week recovery on the couch– for this tiny little fibroid that I hadn’t had in an US 1 year prior… he said it was likely why I wasn’t getting pregnant (despite trying for 4 years without it there) and told me I wouldn’t be able to have vaginal births after myomectomy, “but you’ll be just fine”. I wept for days and days, having seen clients go through c sections, I knew that starting off the next stage of my fertility journey by “essentially having a vertical c section” (as R.E. doc said) to remove this fibroid was NOT the right step for me.  

I spend the next three months seeing 5 OBgyns, 2 REs and a couple NDs, trying to find a safe alternative that would deal with this fibroid while PRESERVING THE INTEGRITY OF MY UTERUS, all the while trying to shrink the fibroid with aggressive herbal treatments. By the time I found Dr Lee and ACESSA, the fibroid was 3 cm and I was starting to experience excessive bleeding and pain with my periods.  

Dr Lee was an absolute ANGEL throughout our process. I was really nervous about having any surgery at all on my uterus, really wanted to be able to have vaginal births, and had heard from so many doctors “gosh, a myomectomy seems awfully aggressive for such a small fibroid- maybe you should just do IVF with the fibroid in place”, but I wanted to “optimize my uterus” and deal with the pain I was experiencing with my periods, so we finally drove to see Dr Lee in LA. He spent 2 hours with us answering all my questions, describing in detail his procedure, explaining why he believes in it, and discussing the risks and benefits of ACESSA. He was unbiased, open and incredibly kind. I am so sensitive to the communication skills, compassion and root motivation of my care providers, and felt SO heard and seen when working with him. Dr Lee did 20 years of 24/7 obstetrics and then devoted his life’s work, reputation and all his time to pioneering and progressing this revolutionary surgery because he cares so much for women’s wellbeing and autonomy and he saw how much the overuse of myomectomy and hysterectomy were detrimental to women.  

I underwent the ACESSA procedure in July of 2017 after 5 years of trying to conceive with no luck. Dr Lee and Dr Diesfeld zapped the 3 cm SM/IM fibroid (it was bulging into my uterine cavity AND halfway through the muscle) and two other “grain of rice” sized fibroids. Everything went very smoothly- I have a 3/4 inch scar that’s barely visible at my “bikini line” and one I can’t see in my belly button. I had very mild pain the first day, bloating for three days, went back to work in three days, and was back to my very physical normal farm work in three weeks, after working without lifting more than 20 lbs for a couple weeks. My fibroid shrank back down to 2 cm over the next four months, and the tissue was noticeably dead and not using blood. We began the IVF process a little over a year later (the fibroid was not the source of our fertility struggle, as I intuitively knew all along) and got pregnant on our first try.

Today I am 20 weeks pregnant with our first baby, my uterus is strong and ready for a vaginal birth, according to the ultrasounds, and I am overjoyed. I spoke with Dr Lee the other day, who rejoiced in my good news and was, as usual, incredibly kind and an excellent listener. I am grateful every day that I found him and ACESSA and took my uterine health and fertility into my own hands.

PLEASE CALL DR LEE! There is a better way to treat your fibroids (and preserve your fertility) than myomectomy or hysterectomy, both very intense and risky. You can do it!

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