Large Fibroids & Bleeding

Here is my story.

I am 49. I had large fibroids around 20cm . It was 37 weeks large . My bleedings was out of control. Bad!

I was researching for a while to get my fibroids shrink without talking them out. Didn’t want to mess with my hormones. Surgery was in October 2021. My fibroids shrink 2 inches around my waist. Recovery was amazing. I was working full day on day 7 . I am hairdresser and working long hours on my feet. This doctor is God send… Super honest, he will tell you exactly what to expect. Listen to him. He is a Star of OBGYN in USA. Acessa is a must for ladies who suffer from fibroids pain and bleeding. Please do consultation with him. Dr. Bruce Lee is the Best! I wish more women will do this. Non invasive surgery. Incredible! Save your uterus, ladies ! Highly recommend Acessa!

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