Saying Acessa Was The Right Choice Is An Understatement

Fibroid Treatment without hysterectomy
I can’t recommend radiofrequency ablation, the Acessa Procedure enough. I turned to Dr. Bruce Lee, a patient, kind, personable, and very experienced doctor in treating my eight fibroids through the radiofrequency ablation (Acessa) procedure. My symptoms included a large bloated abdomen, severe blood loss (menorrhagia), frequent urination (every half hour), dyspareunia (sexual pain), recurrent constipation/diarrhea (fibroid on top of my bowel), lower back pain, and an excessively large uterus.

After just two hours and two incision sites and one or more puncture sites for the Assessa needle, I walked out of the outpatient facility and through the lobby to our room at the far end of a very large hotel. Within 48 hours, my frequent urination was normal, no more back pain, no more sexual pain, normal bowel function for the first time in well over ten years. My bloated stomach has also decreased in size (a full pant size) in just over two months. My blood loss was also reduced approximately fifty percent than before the procedure. I didn’t know how sick I was and what my new normal was, until after this procedure. I needed no pain medication and was back at work after five days, spinning within two weeks, and playing tennis after a month. To say the Acessa system was the best choice I could have made is an understatement. It changed my life.

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